Heatwave Album by Tom Curtain


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    Heatwave is Tom Curtain’s second album also produced by Garth Porter. The Track list is as follows:

    1. Chew Like Hell
    2. Skye High
    3. Wild Horses
    4. Born Out Here
    5. Heatwave
    6. Wearing Out Leather
    7. Worthwhile
    8. Go Goanna Go
    9. Days Roll By
    10. Ringer in the Sky
    11. A Million Memories
    12. Hillbilly Music

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    Weight 90 g
    Dimensions 14 × 1 × 12 cm

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    1. Denis Watson

      This is a great CD. True bush ballads. The show was brilliant also. Loved every minute.

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    2. Christoph Stattaus

      I really love this cd and iI bought 3 of them for my family 😉 You should plan a tour in Europe so we can meet again!

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