Territory Time Album by Tom Curtain


CD version.

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    Tom Curtain’s third album Territory Time debuted at Number 1 on the Australian iTunes Country Music Charts. The first three songs released reached the Top 3 in the Australian Tracks Charts while Track 3 ‘Never Never Land’, a duet with Luke O’shea, went on to win two Golden Guitar Awards at the 2018 Tamworth Country Music Festival for Toyota Heritage Song of the Year and CMC Music Video Clip of the Year.

    Songs include:

    1. Livin’ in the Bush
    2. Territory Time
    3. Never Never Land
    4. Horse Tailer
    5. Where the Pindan Meets the Ocean
    6. Billy Don’t Like No Hip Hop
    7. Roper River
    8. Full Give It
    9. All Gone
    10. Campdrafting

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    Weight 90 g
    Dimensions 14 × 1 × 12 cm
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