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Anti-Bullying Anthem: Tom Curtain’s Musical Mission in Primary Schools

In the realm of educational experiences that leave a lasting impact, few can compare to the dynamic and engaging school visits by Tom Curtain. Renowned not only for his musical talents but also for his role as an ambassador for Dolly’s Dream, Tom Curtain has been bringing a unique blend of entertainment and education to primary schools across the nation, spreading an anti-bullying message encouraging kids to speak up and create a positive change.

The power of music and Dolly’s Dream

Tom, a multiple Golden Guitar-winning singer-songwriter from Katherine, NT, has taken his passion for music to new heights by using it as a vehicle to promote the vital message of Dolly’s Dream through school visits while he tours the nation with his Katherine Outback Experience show. 

Dolly’s Dream, a vibrant movement established in memory of 14-year-old Amy Dolly Everett, is committed to raising awareness about the serious issue of bullying and its devastating effects on students and their families. Spreading the word about Dolly’s Dream is personal for Tom and the crew at the Katherine Outback Experience as Dolly’s family are from Katherine and her sister worked for Tom. After Dolly took her life at just 14 years of age due to bullying, Tom wrote the song Speak Up! to help open the discussion with school age students and encourage them to speak up, be kind and look out for one another.

Check out Tom’s anti-bullying music video Speak Up! below.

Tom’s school visits during his national tour serve as a platform to impart crucial lessons about kindness, empathy, and the impact each individual can make in fostering a safe and supportive environment. The school visits complement existing anti-bullying initiatives, aligning seamlessly with educational objectives, while infusing a sense of joy and enthusiasm into the environment with Tom’s songs and stories, creating a memorable experience that resonates with the students long after the visit.

Thrilling children with the anti-bullying message

Tom’s school visits are not your typical lecture-style presentations. Instead, they are lively, interactive experiences that captivate the attention of every child in the audience. Through a combination of music, storytelling, and audience participation, Tom ensures that the messages about kindness and respect are delivered in a way that is both entertaining and memorable. The positive energy generated during these visits contributes to a school culture where empathy and inclusivity thrive.

We try to do a bit of serious stuff and a bit of fun stuff to keep them all engaged. It can get a bit wild in there sometimes!

– Tom Curtain, Agnes Water State School visit 2023
Singer songwriter with guitar at primary school assembly teaching the anti-bullying message.
Tom recently visited the Agnes Water State School to entertain and educate the audience on anti-bullying

Empowering parents

Parents play a pivotal role in reinforcing the values taught during Tom’s school visits. By engaging parents in the conversation about bullying prevention and mental health, these visits extend their impact beyond the school gates. Tom’s show while on tour, a family friendly event for all ages, also devotes time to promoting the anti-bullying message with a live rendition of Speak Up! where students are encouraged to join in. Tom’s approach encourages open communication between parents and children, fostering an environment where discussions about feelings and experiences become more accessible.

We get alot of parents that come up afterwards that have resonated with the message about speaking up as they have lost kids aswell..

– Tom Curtain, Agnes Water State School visit 2023
A packed primary school assembly. Spreading the anti bullying message with singer and songwriter Tom Curtain
Tom’s anti-bullying messaging to schools are fun and powerful for the entire audience

Tom’s school visits are more than just musical performances; they are transformative experiences that leave a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of students. By combining the power of music with the anti-bullying message of Dolly’s Dream, Tom is making a significant contribution to the collective effort to end bullying and promote mental well-being in schools. If you are interested in being part of the movement towards a kinder, more compassionate future, please get in touch with us to chat about a visit to your school or visit Dolly’s Dream to learn more about the movement.

We are so proud to offer an opportunity to provide students with an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the ordinary. If you are interested in supporting Dolly’s Dream – check out our official Dolly’s Dream merchandise. We have Dolly’s Dream women’s shirts, Dolly’s Dream men’s shirts and kids Dolly’s Dream shirts. $10 from the sale of every Dolly’s Dream shirt will be donated to Dolly’s Dream.

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