Tom Curtain singing and playing guitar while standing on a horse.

Tom Curtain on Tour: Where Working Dogs, Horses, and Goats Steal the Show!

If you thought Tom Curtain's national tour was all about guitars and cowboy hats, think again. This man is bringing a whole barnyard extravaganza on the road, and trust me, it's a spectacle you won't want to miss. Working dogs, horses and.....goats. Yep, goats!

If you thought Tom Curtain’s national tour was all about guitars and cowboy hats, think again. This man is bringing a whole barnyard extravaganza on the road, and trust me, it’s a spectacle you won’t want to miss. Working dogs, horses and…..goats. Yep, goats!

Roll Call: The Working Dog Crew

working farm dogs sanding on a hay bail all panting and looking happy
Meet the stars of the show who are impressively well trained and (mostly) well behaved.

First up, let’s talk about the real MVPs (the most valuable players) of the show—the working dogs. These furry geniuses are not your average backyard barkers; they’re the Einsteins of the animal kingdom. Picture this: a choreographed dance routine that puts your two left feet to shame, and all led by a pack of dogs that have better moves than your Uncle Bob at a wedding.

Tom Curtain has professionally trained these canine maestros to respond to his every command, and it’s like watching a furry orchestra playing a symphony of adorableness. From fetching hats to herding invisible sheep, these dogs are the real stars, and they know it.

Tom scouts his dogs from a variety of places around the country. He starts with the basics, gains their trust, and then BAM! They’re on tour, picking up all the skills a working dog needs The newbies are a hilarious mass of confusion as they alternate between wonderfully trained workers to excited puppies wanting to join in the fun. One day, those newcomers will be as remarkable as Trev, the standout in Tom Curtain’s Why We Live Out Here 23/24 tour. And let me tell you when it comes to Fluffy, Snow, and the other four-legged regulars, their skills will absolutely blow your socks off. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself wishing your own pup had such impressive skills—good luck getting Fido to fetch your slippers with half the flair.

Hooves and Harmony: The Equine Elegance

Tom Curtain of Katherine Outback Experience
Tom Curtain of Katherine Outback Experience is a singer / songwriter, 2018 Australian Independent Country Music Artist of the Year and Horseman Extraordinaire.

Now, let’s talk horsepower of a different kind. Tom Curtain’s tour isn’t just a musical journey; it’s a stampede of majestic horses that can make even the most hardened city slicker yearn for a pair of cowboy boots. Tom takes us through his unique horse training techniques as new to seasoned horses display the skills required for a life working on the outback stations – these horses aren’t just for show; they’re an integral part of the performance, galloping in sync with the rhythm of the music like they’ve been hoof-tapping since birth.

It’s like a Broadway musical on horseback, and these four-legged performers alongside the working dogs have stolen the spotlight. Watching them move is like witnessing poetry in motion, with each hoofbeat punctuating the melody in perfect harmony. Who needs a dance floor when you’ve got a stage full of hoof-tapping elegance? Take note, Beyoncé—these horses might just outshine you.

G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) Goats

So we’ve got working dogs, working horses and now working goats!

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the goats. Yes, you read that right—goats. Tom Curtain has somehow managed to turn these mischievous creatures into the unsung heroes of his tour. Forget about bleating incoherently in the background; these goats have talent, and they’re not afraid to show it.

Whether they’re balancing on a drum, or a horse’s back (yes you read that right) these goats are the comedians of the crew. They’ve got the personality of a stand-up comic and the agility of a ninja. Move over, stand-up specials—goat comedy is the next big thing.

So, there you have it, folks. Tom Curtain’s national tour isn’t just a musical experience; it’s a zoological extravaganza. From working dogs to dancing horses and comedy goats, this show has it all. Get ready to be entertained, amazed, and possibly considering a career change to become a professional goat wrangler. Tom Curtain, you’ve officially raised the bar for concert entertainment, and we’re loving every second of it!

What does the Tom Curtain Tour look like?

It is an awesome, highly interactive and family-orientated 2.5-hour show with working dogs, horses and live music. Tom is passionate about bringing his show to towns and communities that are often overlooked on the entertainment trail.

The show has won not only the Best Attraction at the NT Tourism Awards for the last four years but also Gold in 2021 and Silver in 2022 for Australia’s Best Tourist Attraction at the National Tourism Awards. There is something for everyone, from young kids to grandparents!

The show is entertaining, engaging, interactive and family-friendly, and consists of:

  • 1 hour Katherine Outback Experience Show of real horse training and working dog demonstrations including plenty of hands-on fun for the kids! 
  • 1.5 hours of live music by Tom Curtain, Chris Matthews and special guests

The Grand Finale: Join the Wild Ride!

Be sure to support a great cause by catching the tour – coming to a rural town near you in 2023 & 2024!

Before you rush to buy your tickets and witness this animal magic in person, let’s talk about the heart behind Tom Curtain’s crew of outback herders and grazers on tour. Beyond the laughter, beyond the jaw-dropping tricks, there’s a deeper purpose to this travelling barn full of talent.

Tom Curtain isn’t just a maestro of the stage; he’s also a passionate advocate for rural communities and mental health awareness. In this article, Tom shares the deeper meaning behind his music. The tour serves as a reminder that life’s challenges can be tackled with a bit of humour, a lot of heart, and the support of a community that’s as diverse as Tom’s animal entourage.

So, buckle up for a wild ride of laughter, toe-tapping tunes, and a showcase of the incredible bond between humans and their furry and hoofed companions. Tom Curtain’s national tour is more than a concert—it’s a celebration of the extraordinary, the unexpected, and the downright hilarious. Get ready to be entertained and inspired, and maybe even consider a career as a goat comedian. The stage is set, the animals are ready, and the tour is calling. Join the adventure and let the good times roll!