Tom Curtain’s Regional Tour: A Behind-the-Scenes Musical Odyssey for All Ages

Ever wondered what it's like to live life on the road? Well, guess what – you're in for a backstage pass to the thrilling world of Tom Curtain, the Aussie country music sensation, and his adventurous family! Join us as we tag along on their journey, crisscrossing the country while bringing their incredible show to towns far and wide.

If you’ve ever wondered what life on tour is like, we’ve got a backstage pass for you! Join us as we delve into the thrilling world of Tom Curtain, an Australian country music sensation, and his family as they hit the road, taking their show across the country. From coffee-fueled mornings to heartwarming moments on stage, get ready for a journey filled with laughter, challenges, and unforgettable memories.

A day in the life on tour

Every day on the road is an adventure. It all starts with a wake-up call and a quick caffeine fix from their trusty coffee machine. With the family in tow, including eight horses, dogs, and even a few goats, the Curtains are a well-oiled machine. First, it’s time to run the dogs and ensure they’re in peak form for their part in the show. Then, it’s feeding time for the animals, a chore that requires precision and care.

Once the four-legged members of the team are satisfied, it’s time to pack up and hit the road. Annabel, Tom’s wife, manages the caravan and takes care of the kids while Tom handles the truck. After making sure the horses are loaded, and the stage container is secured, they set off for the next town. Pro tip: always double-check the directions with your spouse to avoid any accidental detours!

Arriving at a new venue is always an exciting moment. Meeting new people, exploring the layout, and planning the setup are all part of the adventure. It takes about an hour to get everything ready, and they pay special attention to making it easy for their guests to enjoy the show. From wristband stations to parking areas, the Curtains think of it all.

The dogs get their daily exercise, the horses are unloaded, merchandise is set up, and if all goes as planned, they have some downtime before showtime. It’s crucial to be ready half an hour before the gates open, as some eager fans like to arrive early. Then, it’s time for the magic to happen.

Life on the road: the Curtains’ rig

The Curtains’ touring setup is nothing short of impressive. Their trusty FM nine Volvo truck, though a 2003 model, carries a horse crate, eight horses, dogs, and even a few goats. But that’s not all; there’s also a six-meter dog trailer filled with merchandise and a fold-out stage for the musical performances. This setup makes travelling with their gear and keeping it safe from the elements a breeze.

Annabel takes charge of the cruiser, pulling the caravan that serves as their home away from home. They’ve also got a few other team members with their caravans or mini-vans and swags, making it a true road-tripping family.

Of course, no tour is without its hiccups, and the Curtains have had their fair share of flat tyres, air leaks, and overheating. But as Tom optimistically puts it, one day, they’ll have a new truck that’ll hopefully eliminate many of these challenges.

The truck

Juggling family and touring life

Having kids on the road is an adventure in itself. With Matilda and Charlie being older, they can assist with tasks like putting up posters and helping out during shows. However, Harry and Lottie are still too young to roam free, so careful planning and teamwork are key to maintaining a balance between family life and touring.

Annabel wrangling little Lottie with Harry in tow

The highlights and challenges of life on tour

When asked about their favourite aspects of touring, Tom and Annabel had plenty to share. Tom loves spending more time with his family while on the road, taking in the scenery of different towns, and meeting people from all walks of life. Annabel also appreciates the work-life balance and the opportunity to explore amazing places while connecting with the locals.

As for the challenges, Tom finds selling tickets and expanding their show to be a constant battle. Annabel points out the hidden logistical and marketing efforts required to make each tour a success. Planning starts a year in advance, and it’s a time-consuming process. But as they both agree, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Tom and his eldest children at the Longyard Hotel in Tamworth
Tom and his eldest children at the Longyard Hotel in Tamworth

Crafting the dream team: where music meets magic

Building the perfect musical crew is no cakewalk, especially when your goal is to create an unforgettable experience. For Tom Curtain, it wasn’t just about finding talented musicians; it was about creating a musical blend that would leave a lasting mark.

Tom’s search led him to incredible talents who could master instruments like the banjo, mandolin, and slide guitar, adding a unique twist to their shows. These instruments, rarely heard in rural areas, brought a fresh vibe to their performances, captivating audiences in unexpected ways.

But Tom’s quest didn’t end with instruments; he also longed for harmonizing voices. Laura, a remarkable artist with a voice that seamlessly blended with Tom’s, brings a layer of magic to their performances. 

To make sure their incredible journey wasn’t forgotten, they brought in Laura and Nick, incredible musicians in their own right – who also document the adventure through photography and film.

Building the dream team for the tour was a mix of musical magic, creative brainstorming, and a shared vision for documenting their extraordinary journey. This ensemble doesn’t just raise the roof at every performance; they ensure that their remarkable experiences are shared and cherished far and wide.

Favorite and funniest moments

Tom’s favourite memory on tour was performing a show in Bairnsdale, Victoria, to a crowd of 2000 people who had recently endured devastating fires. It was a powerful and rewarding experience, and they even offered the show for free to the affected community.

As for the funniest moment, Tom recalls the time he fell off his horse while playing a guitar, smashing the $3,000 instrument. The crowd loved it, and they auctioned off the damaged guitar for $1,000, donating the proceeds to the local kindergarten.

Tom playing the guitar and singing on a horse… with no bridle! Can you do that?

The magic of the show and why they do it

For Tom, the real magic of the show lies in training the dogs, an ever-evolving experience that keeps every performance unique and exciting. But what truly fuels his passion is the profound connection he forges with the audience. His aim? To help them cast aside their worries, if only for a few precious hours. Annabel, on the other hand, finds her joy in bringing live entertainment to smaller towns that rarely get a taste of it. The heartwarming feedback from these grateful locals is the driving force that keeps them hitting the road.

Tom Curtain and his team have one shared mission: to spread the sheer happiness that music brings. What sets them apart is Tom’s innate ability to connect with the audience on a deeply personal level. They fully grasp that the people who gather at their shows come from diverse backgrounds, each carrying their own set of worries and troubles.

Tom’s greatest challenge extends beyond merely delivering a stellar performance; it’s about helping the audience leave their cares behind and embrace pure moments of joy. Whether through the animals, the lively interactions with the crowd, or the captivating power of music, their aim is simple: to take everyone away from their troubles, if only for a little while. Tom’s passion not only drives their music but also serves as inspiration for the entire team, while drawing the audience into an unforgettable experience where everyone can unwind and revel in the moment.

In the end, Tom Curtain and his crew have a singular goal: to craft unique memories, sow seeds of happiness, and serve as a reminder of the incredible ability of music and animals to unite people and lift their spirits. 

So, why not join the Curtains on their next adventure? It’s a journey that promises music, laughter, and the opportunity to connect with individuals from all walks of life. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this truly unforgettable experience!