Singer songwriter with guitar at primary school assembly teaching the anti-bullying message.

2023/24 Tour Recap: Agnes Water, Qld

Recap of the Tom Curtain Why We Live Out Here 2023/2024 tour in Agnes Water

The Show in Agnes Water

At the Agnes Water stop of the “Why We Live Out Here” tour, Tom Curtain along with fellow Australian country music stars Laura Frank, Chris Matthews and Mel Fraser not to mention his crew of animals and helpers delivered an unforgettable show that had everyone dancing and completely absorbed. The atmosphere was electric as families, especially the kids, were actively involved, adding to the fun and excitement of the evening. There were moments of laughter when the dogs, part of the animal crew, got a bit over-excited and jumped the gun with Tom’s commands, showcasing their spirited nature. Tom handled these spontaneous moments with his trademark sense of humor, endearing him further to the crowd. His light-hearted approach and the lively interactions made the Agnes Water show a delightful experience for all, filled with music, dance, and laughter.

Agnes Water State School performance

Tom Curtain visited the Agnes Water State School in November 2023 to take a stand against bullying and encourage students to speak up, even if their voice shakes.

Amy “Dolly” Everett was the victim of bullying and ended her young life at just 14 years of age. The song ‘Speak Up’ was written in memory of Dolly and the legacy she unknowingly left behind. It was inspired by a drawing by Dolly that included the words “Speak even if your voice shakes”. Tom is visiting as many primary schools as possible, during this 23/24 WHY WE LIVE OUT HERE TOUR. The Dolly’s Dream Charity has been established by her family and friends in her memory. Dolly’s Dream will work to create positive change, help prevent the lives of other children being lost, and act as a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Tom and crew discover the 1770 LARC! Tours

Tom met Neil in Darwin years ago who invited him to come down and experience the big pink vessel…. and it eventually happened! Here is a short video where we learnt about Neil who has been operating for 30 years , how the LARCs were born and … a few bloopers. We loved 1770 LARC! Tours. What do you think?

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