Tom leading horses in front of a crowd.

2023/24 Tour Recap: Westwood, Qld

Recap of the Tom Curtain Why We Live Out Here 2023/2024 tour in Westwood.

Tom Curtain’s “Why We Live Out Here” tour made a memorable stop in Westwood, near Rockhampton, for an afternoon filled with music, storytelling, and skilled animal demonstrations. The event captivated the local audience as Tom showcased his mastery in horse and dog training, integrating these elements seamlessly with his musical performance. The afternoon was particularly special as Tom introduced new songs and shared inspiring stories that celebrated the spirit and challenges of outback life. His interaction with the audience, coupled with the scenic backdrop of Westwood, created a perfect setting for families and fans of Australian country music to connect with the heritage and heart of rural Australia. The evening reached its peak with a 1.5-hour set of enthralling Australian country music, where Tom was joined on stage by fellow stars Laura Frank, Chris Matthews and Mel Fraser.

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