Tom Curtain Laura Frank and a fan

2023/24 Tour Recap: Mackay, Qld

Recap of the Tom Curtain Why We Live Out Here 2023/2024 tour in Mackay.

Tom Curtain’s “Why We Live Out Here” tour made a memorable stop in Mackay, offering an exhilarating afternoon that showcased the heart and spirit of the outback. The event opened with Tom’s Katherine Outback Experience show featuring expert horse training demonstrations, precise working dog routines, and some hilarious antics from the goats, cultivating a family-friendly atmosphere. Children were encouraged to participate, making it an engaging experience for all attendees. Joined by the Australian country music talents of Laura Frank, Chris Matthews and Mel Fraser, the highlight of the night was a 1.5-hour musical set where Tom and the crew performed captivating tunes that resonated deeply with everyone present. This vibrant afternoon not only entertained but also brought the community closer to the rich outback culture, making the Mackay event a standout on the tour.

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