Tom singing Speak Up with kids on tour at Gayndah

2023/24 Tour Recap: Gayndah, Qld

Recap of the Tom Curtain Why We Live Out Here 2023/2024 tour in Gayndah.

The Gayndah show on Tom Curtain’s “Why We Live Out Here” tour was a spectacular fusion of rhythmic Australian country music and dazzling animal stunts. Under the bright lights, Tom and his crew—including a troupe of agile working dogs and majestic horses—put on a show that thrilled and delighted the crowd. Tom music’s, beautifully complimented by Australian country music stars including Laura Frank, Chris Matthews and Mel Fraser set toes tapping while the animal antics drew cheers and laughter, creating a festive atmosphere that pulsed with energy. Each performance, from the intricate dog routines to the soul-stirring tunes, was crafted to celebrate the spirit of the outback, making the Gayndah event a memorable extravaganza of rural culture and entertainment.

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