Tom Curtain singing to a crowd at sunset.

2023/24 Tour Recap: Clermont, Qld

Recap of the Tom Curtain Why We Live Out Here 2023/2024 tour in Clermont.

Tom Curtain’s “Why We Live Out Here” tour brought an unforgettable experience to Clermont, featuring an array of young horses and dogs performing for the first time. The show was a vibrant display of emerging talent, with these novices adding an exciting, unpredictable element to the usual expert horse training and working dog routines. This unique setup not only showcased Tom’s dedication to nurturing new talent but also created a lively and engaging atmosphere. Audience members were treated to a glimpse of the training process in real-time, making the Clermont show a standout event that beautifully blended seasoned performances with fresh, energetic displays from the animal newcomers. Featuring musical talents Laura Frank, Chris Matthews and Mel Fraser, the evening culminated in a 1.5-hour set of captivating Australian country music, striking a profound chord with everyone in attendance.

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